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A Girl’s Message To All Christians

A Girl’s Message To All Christians iEmanuella’s Channel: Hey there! I’m Emanuella. I’m a Christian. I have been a “goo…
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Breaking Bible Prophecy News for 07.31.13 To know what it means to be Born Again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit and with Fire go to: www.emoaf…

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50 Responses to "A Girl’s Message To All Christians"

  1. adrimare1 says:


    Did you mean to respond to me?

    You last post to me didn’t have the word “something” in it…

  2. adrimare1 says:

    He also doesn’t need a womb to make a baby. But for Jesus to be a true descendant of David, some bit of either or both parent had to be used, unless just coming out of a womb after marriage is sufficient to fulfill that prophecy.

  3. adrimare1 says:

    Then what does Jesus refer to when He mentions “the weeping and gnashing of teeth”?

  4. adrimare1 says:

    Christianity has the most. It’s also the only one that I know of with a coucil specifically for proving that the miracles brought before them are or are not currently possible, like the one guy who, as best as doctor’s records can prove, regrew a big chunk of leg bone within a week. It takes at least two just to heal a small fracture. And the problem was not likely to fix itself anyways.

    You didn’t even look at the Lourdes site, did you?

  5. Sqylen says:


  6. Sqylen says:

    I don’t think that’s what she intended to mean, but yes, you shouldn’t be christians. Christianity is a hateful, illogical and indoctrinating religion.

  7. Sqylen says:

    I just watched the video and i got to say: wow. You call that evidence? They found wheel like structures under the sea by a coincident, and drew the conclusion that it proves a Bible fairytale? That is ridicoules! You obviously do not understand the nature of evidence. This wouldn’t barely be enough to prove a theory! I extremely recommend to get a better education on how we define evidence, and you should also visit talkorigins(dot)org for better information.

  8. Sqylen says:

    Great. I’m sorry for missunderstanding your comment then.

  9. Sqylen says:

    What i’m talking about is scientific proof, or even better, present him to me in front of very eyes, and make him do magic tricks! That would be convincing.

  10. Sqylen says:

    and The Flying Spaghettimonster loves you as well. ;)

  11. Sqylen says:

    Miracles are not evidence for God. I could probably mention a lot of reasons why but i’l give you someone to think about instead. For some stupid reason you think miracles proves your point. Now i don’t know what religion you might belong to, but it doesn’t matter. Because almost ALL religions have reported miracle events. Especially the big ones. So since that happens, how can you seperate christianity, judaism, hinduism, etc, and claim that miracles are evidence for faith?

  12. Dubio2100 says:


  13. Dubio2100 says:

    I’d say inconclusive. The wages of sin is death so possibly the soul is destroyed. As far as I know the Hebrews didn’t have a word for hell. They used the word sheol which means grave or pit.
    Matthew was obsessed with hell. Remove Matthew and you remove 90% of the references to hell. Obviously, I don’t believe in eternal torture. It makes God look like a bronze age tyrant.

  14. ikram miah says:

    Aw, your welcome Maria, and i’m happy for you as we are all one human family and so we should all have unconditional love for each other, really happy there are people like you peace 🙂

  15. emancoy . says:

    welcome you

  16. emancoy . says:

    my name’s Emmanuel. Keep loving everybody as you.are doing now. Then the next step, read the entire bible from cover to cover. Then research the archeological history of christisnity. When your done, you should know that atheist will welco

  17. iCanHazTwentyLetters says:

    nice vid. pretty gal.

  18. TheEhn91 says:

    Simple solution: eradicate the fucking religions and stop believing in that bed time story, wake the fuck up sheep.

  19. Terry Paull says:

    Shalom. Great upload. One big source of misery in my life is Christians. I wish there were more Christins as tolerant as you. Once again … Thanks.

  20. sooper2dooper3 says:

    4:00 This is an INVINTATION???? LOL
    Seriously though, read “God is not Great” by Christopher Hitchens. If you’re even half-way intelligent, you’ll stop labelling yourself as Christian or having any alliance with any religion.

  21. MoleDownunder says:

    I am Christian but I don’t even like to be called Christian. I tell people I am spiritual but not religious. I don’t want people to assume things about me. People can believe anything they want. Just because I believe that Christ is the truth why does that make me religious? There is only one thing you need to remember, God is Love <3

  22. Relrisson Pinheiro says:

    I am a atheist and that was beautiful we need more people like u in the world ! LOVE U TOO GIRL love and acceptance of all is the world needs instead of HATE and Bigotry as far as this message goes im on your side… 🙂

  23. Maria. H says:

    That was a beautiful comment thankyou and it inspired me even though it was not biblical…thankyou very much you made my day!!! 🙂

  24. Maria. H says:

    True…Jesus said you will know my disciples “they would have love among themselves” John 13:35 That means you would not kill your fellow brother on the battlefield and fight for your country!! Love mean sacrifice you sacrifice your life for the life of the other person!! The only organisation that I know that goes to jail rather than fight for their country is Jehovah’s Witnesses, seems as though they are the only ones preaching as well!!!

  25. Maria. H says:

    Hell is not real it is a lie about God and it is not biblical…the word hell is often mistranslated and used in place of grave over and over again in the bible…the word hell means common grave of mankind the same as the words sheol and hades are used in place of hell in many bible translations….Jehovah would never want to burn his people in a fiery hell!! Read Jeremiah 7:31…you quoted a scripture in Rom 6:23 that answers his question…death pays wages for sin not also torture!!

  26. Patriot93933 says:

    (Luke 22:35-38, NIV) Purchase a good AR15 and be prepared to fight for Him. Cleans your heart, reinforce your faith in the Lord. Do not listen to those who would say, go quietly in his name to the slaughter house. America is the New Israel. We are the Lost Tribe. Fight for Him. Fight for your family.

  27. Flower ForFay says:


  28. kanika rich says:

    same here cus americas the place where many demons have found there dwelling place so has the devil its also mistery babaylon and its been chosing where to have the antichrist wich is barrack obama i really hope my brothers n sisters are ready and right with god cus jesus is so coming for us

  29. TheNikolinho says:

    land of God which lies on millions of litters of innocent blood of the native americans, btw… and i am not a “hater”, i am a born again christian, who has little different perspective then most of americans, ’cause i am not an american…
    any country/land can be called land of God… i hate when americans put usa so high like it’s something so special… nation as nation, people like any other people… with good and bad.

    but in a way i understand – you meant with christian heritage?

    bless u

  30. Evangelist Anita Fuentes says:

    Your identity is in Christ my friend not in anything else. Surrender your entire life to Him and you will see the man He has called you to be. There is no other way. May God lead you from this moment on to receive the New Life. In Jesus name, Amen.

  31. Evangelist Anita Fuentes says:

    He’s waiting for you. Are you ready to full surrender your life in exchange for the Life He has for you my friend?

  32. Matt Jeevas says:

    Cam I turn to god or mi 2fargone

  33. NOLAfor TRUTH says:

    Praise Jesus Christ!

  34. another child says:

    Harris Countysheriff’s academy has three day course for Satanic sensitivity training. “Law enforcement and the occult” trainer warns students you will lose your job and face civil charges for defiling saatanic alters. Also shows slide show of “beautiful” witches in Salem who he and his wife shared lunch and tour of town. “All 650 police of Salem are Wiccan witches.” Christian student expelled from academy for disagreeing. Teacher states the bible is “conflicting and controlling.” I was there.

  35. ChristianSaveAmerica says:

    Anita, would you please comment on the MyHopeAmerica training that is training Christians to do home bible studies throughout the USA. There are training meetings going on all over USA in Sept/Oct lead by the Billy Graham ministries and I’m concerned about how this is setting Christians up for a rude awaking because of the fact that they’re encouraging massive “home bible studies.” Please, please comment.

  36. Soul Vibe says:

    Philippians 1:20 NIV
    I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.

  37. Peter Kuzemchak says:

    Thank you Anita for sending this very important message out. This is the precursor of the “a famine for the word” who God warned us that in the last days…there will come of time of a “famine” not of drink or food, but of the word of God. Whereas the word of God won’t be found anywhere on earth. Amos 8 : 11-14.

  38. cumensu says:

    This prophecy was intended for the Hebrews. God told them that if they obeyed his commandments/kept his covenant that many good things would happen to them. But if they disobeyed him-they’d be cursed. The curses show who the Hebrews truly are. But we have to be ready for the persecution and happy b/c Jesus called us blessed when they persecute us for his namesake. It is through the persecution that we are refined.

  39. mrgummygod says:

    I was face palming so hard this video

  40. 322nemesis says:

    I was just reading some posts and came across yours about defending yourself and your family… Some of our fellow believers take ”turn the other cheek” out of its intended context (alot actually)… Luke 22:36 is pretty clear on taking responsibility to able to defend yourself… I hope this helps!

  41. 232323C says:

    Anita, thank you for your videos…..I enjoy listening……your spirit is wonderful…..thanks

  42. SambucaLovesCaz says:

    Feel SO sorry for the father and husband who was jailed for 60 days was it?Just for worshipping the Lord with his family in his own property.I’ll pray for you. Keep up the great work. Well done. Seriously. Praise the Lord.

  43. Helpology™ says:

    Glory to God.

  44. itisme6221 says:

    Some of these persecutions in America are infrigements of civil rights/freedom of religion/freedom of speech. I’d get Jay Sekulow involved.

    I once heard a minister say if a man came into his house and threathened his family he would not back down. My kind of preacher. I hold to the same notion. Don’t even come into my house and threathen my family.

    Solo Scriptura

  45. sean spearman says:


  46. Robby Kelly says:

    Christians should not be a part of killing. They ( that are part of the killing man) are ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. We should be like Jesus. Take up you cross and follow Him, not pick up a gun and follow man. Jesus can deliver us we do not have to fear the oppressor. God can even deliver us from death if we are killed. Don’t fear him who can kill the body.

  47. Sal Utu says:

    That is some unbelievable coverage. We must pray for them as Daniel could not be eaten by the lions. +

  48. Sal Utu says:

    although I do not believe a person who was never taught of Jesus, but yet lived a good life, is not accepted to God! God Punishes Evil !!! so I debunk the comment you placed onn your tube of the pope stating! anyone can claim they are a believer but their actions are of great evil, God knows and sees all. No One can escape his Judgement!+

  49. Shawn Lynch says:

    Sorry but supporting something that you don’t is not persecution. Telling somebody that they can’t think the way they do is persecution.

  50. RonSafreed says:


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