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Apostolic Praise and Worship – songs

Open Door Apostolic Church Worship-songs

This is a group of Apostolic young people having a testimony service after church. We were at TGI Friday and we decided to have a little fun. And it was just…
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50 Responses to "Apostolic Praise and Worship – songs"


    when i was listening to this song since i have the holy spirit i felt chils in my warm room go neck down real fast


    god is real for people that dose not belive in him here r some questions who made u? why r we here? 

  3. shofarblast12 says:

    To David Simmons. I identify totally with what u brought up. Not all, but some- can stand & deliver sermons, receive the tithes & offerings, have something negative to say if u give &if u don’ t give, &of course when labor is needed u won’ t be overlooked, but when ur in desperate need- it’ s all ur fault, &there’ s always some excuse not to help, with the additional mistrust/ suspicion. I’ ve been there & still experiencing it. But, I hope in the LORD, from Him only comes my salvation

  4. cathy tanan says:

    HELLO im michael serving JESUS also i looking for a church UPC I’m leaving calgary alberta crowfoot please contact me near church from my place here my number +1 403 796 4870 please so us possible

  5. beckylyong says:

    Praise God we can see the move of God. Keep it up.

  6. JoeyDD Thomas says:

    What!!!!?? Lol This Is How Apostolic Churches Get Down!!?? Lol Praise The Lord!

  7. jakovcu says:

    Jesus gave authority to apostles and they did so to their successors.
    There is apostolic succession, and not every community has valid successor of apostles.
    I think this is not so “apostolic music”.
    Best regards, Jakov

  8. Vincent Mullins says:


  9. The15secondsOfame says:

    Praise to Jesus, the great I Am!

  10. Jessica James says:


  11. Apostolicgurl Aguilar says:

    PRAISE THE LORD!! i love you Lord! Thanks for choosing me to serve you!<3 Thank you Jesus for the Fire that you give to us! Hallelujah!!

  12. robertwiggins58 says:

    Lay not your hand on the called man of GOD… loved this.

  13. brothamaberry says:

    eeey, i see a few heads covered! praise god, holiness is right!

  14. TJ Turner says:

    By the way..we are not part of a movement. We are the bride of Christ.

  15. TJ Turner says:

    Mr Simons you are treading on dangerous ground. I urge u to repent of those words. I have been to that church and I know most of those fine people. They are true. If u do not repent of this you will have a curse visited upon u and your house. This…THIS IS the true church of Jesus.

  16. David Simons says:

    No disrespect, maam. I don’t mean no disrespect at all. Just saying that that’s what I have seen, personally, when I was involved in the Oneness (UPC) movement. My former Pastor actually had a COLLECTION of Gucci and Rolex watches (which, of course, he got from the tithes and offerings that would come in to the Church), but yet he could NOT help out people if they ran into a problem (even tithe payers). He would tell them to go to Salvation Army or Catholic Outreach and ask for help.

  17. David Simons says:

    And, it’s funny that you should bring up the word, “corruption” because that’s exactly what I think about when I think of the Oneness movement (especially the UPC). I see the outright TOTAL greed for money (and the luxurious lifestyles that it can bring and DOES bring to sooooo many of its preachers). And, yet, they can’t lift a finger to help their members if THEY should have a problem. It’s just a one-way street?!!? You give to them. But, if u ever have a problem, they are nowhere to be found.

  18. David Simons says:

    And, I hate to tell you, my friend, but you have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by your PASTOR (and other Church leaders). Not by God. God does NOT tell you that you have to give most of your money to the Church (aka Pastor). Goes does NOT tell you that you cannot play monopoly or chess or any other type of game that involves dice. God does NOT tell you that you CANNOT go bowling or go to certain restaurants because they happen to have a bar in them. Okay?!!? That’s MAN that’s telling u this

  19. David Simons says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that EXACT quote (word for word) from people involved in the Pentecostal Church (UPC and other Oneness movements). That is what YOU (and others like you) are TRAINED to say to someone when someone says that you are in a cult. What you just said actually goes to *prove* MY point (that you ARE programmed and brainwashed). You say what you are PROGRAMMED and INDOCTRINATED to say. I used to say the SAME quote, myself, when I was heavily involved.

  20. Shonda Baswell says:

    GOD does the brain washing;! He washes your brain from all sin and and corrupton! Dont underestimate GOD my friend

  21. David Simons says:

    And, why do you think they REPEAT the words over and over again (in their music and in their preaching)??? It’s part of the brainwashing and programming. And, so is the emotionalism. The more emotional you are, the more susceptible you are to THEIR suggestions that they want to place in your mind. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. But, doesn’t change the facts. Google it and do some research if you don’t believe this. It’s there for everyone 2 see if u ONLY care 2 know the truth

  22. David Simons says:

    It’s called adrenaline and PURE emotionalism (and brainwashing at its finest). I used to be UPC. They use mass hypnosis on the people. And, that’s WHY you feel the way you do (it’s like a DRUG). Ask ANY hypnotist and they will let you know that their hypnosis classes (where they teach OTHERS to be hypnotists) r sometimes FULL of Pentecostal preachers. And, once they learn the basics of hypnosis, they actually become BETTER at the art of hypnosis than the people who taught them. SAD! And, WRONG!

  23. jennsbf says:

    David dance naked before God. The bible said he was a man after God’s own heart. One person said it was like fire shut up in his bones. When God truly moves on you it is joy unspeakable and full of glory. You cant help but to praise him and worship him. People today would say David was of the devil. He played music, danced naked, and worshiped God with all his heart. His wife basically said he was crazy. I aspire to be like David

  24. Tony montano says:

    Good good good , love it.:)

  25. Ian Canillas says:

    There is unspeakable of Joy when you receive the Holy ghost… I love to worship the Lord… Leap for Joy

  26. Shad Jennings says:

    When she said God told her she had the wrong toe, I laugh so hard I typed this comment, broke my spleen, pooted, spit out my food, choked, saw white lights, cried, and peed a little bit in my pants, too.

  27. ddoddy76 says:

    Omg reminded me if me an my fiends back n the day!!! Lol

  28. Elisa Gomez' says:

    This is too funny lol

  29. MrActs238apostolic says:

    Great!! Thanks for stopping by and showing some love!! God bless!

  30. angie ramos says:

    nice to see other apostolic youth having fun I’m representing santa maria, ca apostolic youth and im PK JJUST STOPING BY TO SAY HI:)

  31. angie ramos says:

    you guys are awzome

  32. Roger Williams says:

    “… Giving honor to the Spirit of Christ…” LMBO!!! 

  33. missjay206 says:

    hahahaahahah love to see other young people of God having fun, outside of church!!!! knock knock

  34. march271989 says:

    Haha! Say knock knock 🙂

  35. cocozetta says:

    “It wasn’t in my pinky was in my big toe” LOL

  36. jay boo says:

    C’ mon fellow apostolic youth!!! Yeeees!!! And not a chicken on the door step… I can’t

  37. Wedeline Casimir says:

    lol too funny, i love seeing other apostolic youth

  38. jendayinkenge14 says:

    The girl running through the lot was hilarious! Lol

  39. aworshiplover says:

    LOL!!!!!!! Yes Apostolic Fam!! lol This is how we do it! lol lol #Teamapostolic

  40. V Bridges says:

    OMG ! My “cousin” Darrell ! Lol This is too hilarious ! You guys remind me of my “church family”. No doubt. 🙂

  41. Joshua Blocker says:

    Yessss represent for us Apostolics …LOL

  42. Tarris Johnson says:

    Lmao ! Touch ya neighbor and say knock.. touch ya other neighbor and say knock knock

  43. Eddie Sanders says:

    Yall out of line…toooo funny!!!

  44. rashae king says:

    you don’t play with god.. I do not condome this you will playing with sumthing that aint nunthing to play with

  45. rashae king says:

    you don’t play with god.. I do not condome this you will playing with sumthing that aint nunthing to play with

  46. rashae king says:

    you don’t play with god.. I do not condome this you will playing with sumthing that aint nunthing to play with

  47. Charlene Newbill says:

    Let’s see… $5,000; big toes, chicken… I can’t !! LOLOL I love Apostolic young people !! I love being Apostolic 🙂

  48. MrActs238apostolic says:

    Hahaha. Glad you enjoyed!

  49. Twila Jacqueline says:

    OMG, you guys are not serious!!!! I was laughing so hard I had o rewind and share with my London friends…

  50. MrActs238apostolic says:

    We were in Jackson, TN

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