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FAITH – A nominated short film for the Pan Pacific Film Festival 2011

Summary : John Choi wakes up from an unsettling dream in which his professor has put his faith to the test. Every year, his professor tests his students with…

Have the faith of God and move the mountains in your life by simply speaking! Get ready to operate in mountain-moving faith as you hear this powerful, revela…

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50 Responses to "FAITH – A nominated short film for the Pan Pacific Film Festival 2011"

  1. Martina Rebecca says:

    god is real and he exists…a heart of love,faith,hope can see hear and even feel god
    faith can move mountains mat 17:20 ..if there is anything in your life like mountain and u cant change it…try faith, it does works!!!

  2. Jonathan Zedig says:

    Science prove things that make God never existed, I mean can you prove that God does exist? People who belive in God just works around all the proof. Sience have proof and Christianity does no they just make theories that prove make sience look foolish. I would never belive in some thing that I never seen. you might say have you ever seen big bang? then I would say No because I have not but we have calculated that it’s true(Big Bang is just a theory but it’s got the most proof atm).

  3. nodzyna says:

    I like the very, very end of this video… watch till end. 🙂

  4. Scuba Steve says:

    Creation science? You mean that pseudo-science which claims the earth is 6000 years old and The Flintstones was a documentary?

  5. Scuba Steve says:

    Which God? Also explain these “miracles” in detail.

  6. nanyummyify says:

    Some people got the point of this film others I think are missing the whole point or crucial pieces of it so many conflicting opinions can drive you crazy but thank you for this film I liked it and judging from the thumb-ups I see many people enjoyed it aswell.

  7. BIANCA JORDAN says:

    This was a very powerful film! I needed some encouragement today because I am going through a major life change and there is ALOT of uncertainty. The only thing that keeps me going is my faith that God is keeping me and will provide me with what I need at the right time in the right place. In the meantime, I must appreciate that God is providing me with my NEEDS right now, despite the fact that it LOOKS like I don’t have the resources. That is what faith is. Thank you for making this film!!

  8. joseyleepee says:


  9. jeremyhansen100 says:

    This is just a rehash of old, misconstrued, happy Christian folk tails, and failed arguments. This just sad.

  10. TheCityNerd1 says:

    I loved this this is an inspirational video whoever made this f***ing rocks

  11. Daryl Hitt says:

    That was awesome brother. On a theological side and cinematically. Great job.

  12. AProtoHuman says:

    you moron.

  13. Tletna says:

    I’ve dropped glass from lower heights as in the video and sometimes it didn’t break. It is like cracking an egg, the angle of impact and forces involved (like for example did it have time to accelerate etc) do matter.. the bulb didn’t drop from that high in the film.. I guess they got tired of doing retake after retake until a bulb finally didn’t break, so they then just edited it to make it look that way. It was a pretty horrible film. Made me sad that they called themselves Christians.

  14. George Dolley says:

    I think they were clear in their attempt to say that faith is the only way to go and that science is flawed, due to a limited understanding of it themselves (for example, saying that you have to SEE something to know it’s there, when what it really needs is observation and reasoning rather than physical sight itself). They were trying to demonstrate that science is flawed and faith is what gets results. Then they tweak camera angles to make it work instead of dropping it normally with faith. 0_o

  15. Tletna says:

    Actually, I think the point of the film was that one must choose faith if they are to have any beliefs at all. The professor had faith in a materialist philosophy. Some of the students seemed to have an idealist or solely faith-based philosophy. Some students seemed to be in between the two extremes. I don’t think this film did a great job though. I think it was poorly made and that the points were either wrong or confusing if right. And, as James Bond said, the bulb is a poor example.

  16. Tletna says:

    The problem with this statement is that it ignores infinities and it doesn’t answer the question, “Who is God?” It just suggests (strongly) that a creator exists. I believe in a creator. I have faith in a creator. But I do not fathom (or even remotely know of) the intricate nature of such a creator. Scientifically-speaking the concept of “God” requires further investigation. This, however, does not mean that a deity or creation entity or something beyond understanding does not exist.

  17. Tletna says:

    You can prove that something is miraculous in nature but you cannot absolutely prove it is a miracle. How could you? If you cannot find a scientifically verifiable cause to an event, then in the perspective of science more investigation is needed and until a cause is found we don’t say that it is or isn’t a miracle, we say that the matters warrants further investigation.

  18. iInevitableWin says:

    I am a strong christian, but 90% of this didn’t make sense… #s 1 and 2 isn’t science and #3 isnt true…

  19. iInevitableWin says:

    Beliefs don’t encourage scientific illiteracy, science itself does.

  20. Sherly Massie says:

    Greeting of peace,
    On December 21, 2006, God revealed the truth that image or statue liken Jesus is idol! This truth is the key to open the prophecy of Act 17:29-31, now God commandeth all men everywhere to repent.
    Then in the last of March 2009 through Act 17:29-31, God reveals His secret wisdom that hidden since centuries in the Scripture (Isa 45:3), the secret wisdom that therefore Christ died on the cross (1 Cor 2:7-8), an Evidence (John 18:37).
    go to:

  21. God says:

    You’re joking right?

  22. God says:

    “I used to think evolution is possible…”

    Believe what you want, but if your beliefs encourage scientific illiteracy, then we have a problem.

  23. God says:

    I disagree that people who believe in God are “retarded.” Human intelligence does not intervene with human ignorance in such a case as religion.

    The concept of deity was created by primitive man attempting to understand the universe. It answered all the big questions, such as the purpose, how we came to be, etc.

    It’s better to have a conspiracy theory rather than no conspiracy theory. God is a conspiracy theory based on a unfalsifiable hypothesis.

  24. God says:

    Aren’t you superstitious.

  25. God says:

    The idea of using a light bulb to refute God is ridiculous, he portrays this atheist professor as silly using that analogy. Logic, rationality, and reason provide a much more distinct answer. Miracles are coincidences, miracles are not miracles until they are proven to be miracles, and no miracle has ever been proven. The only thing that prevents you from questioning your beliefs is your brain hurting? Wow. Your logic is ridiculous.

  26. Claudia Smith says:

    So be it.

  27. chengoctaviano says:

    I love Pastor Prince..thank u Lord for using him mightily..God bless u more Pstr.Im blessed.:)

  28. C John Francis says:

    Oh glory to Jesus for this wonderful teachings. .

  29. jensweet66 says:

    Thank you so much. Amazing message.

  30. garry bains says:

    Yes Ame77777777777777 times ‘

  31. Hephzibah Heph says:

    Glory be to God

  32. Natalia Nisi says:

    amin 🙂

  33. Perosky Wegh says:


  34. Frank Rios says:

    Wow as long as you are speaking ,the devil is loseing!,when ur doing hes winning.

  35. Sven3xs says:

    Yahushua Ha’Mashiach

  36. Austin C Okoro says:

    Jesus Christ is my righteousness. Hallelujah!

  37. Wantinee Sirichan says:

    Thank you Jesus.

  38. Assad Rossan says:


  39. Jonathan Wind Dragon Baez says:

    Favorite message!

  40. randy french says:

    Speak out in faith and we will win.. Amen

  41. Daniel Hui says:

    This is so true. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  42. Melissa Foo says:

    The more you do, the devil wins. The more u speak, the devil loses. AMEN!

  43. richardtitus trim says:

    Since i have followed pastor Joseph prince i can confidently say i am improving and quick to comprehend God of the bible bless you pastor Joseph prince.
    from Titus Richard Trim.

  44. CB8654 says:

    I really needed to hear this!!! I must have heard this a 1000 times a never took it seriously… The power of life and death is in the tongue… I speak LIFE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND PEACE to everyone in the WORLD

  45. emmanuel FortheloveandgraceofGOD says:

    jesus is my youngness, healthness and good lookingness

  46. Josephine Tiwongge says:

    Haha osmosis.. Great preaching. Not our works but our belief.

  47. Stephen Tan says:

    Thank you Jesus for revealing me your word. Speaking and Doing.

    Doing/performing. Satan is winning but if you speak in Righteousness Satan is LOSING!

    PRAISE THE LORD ALMIGHTY! You will never leave me nor forsake me.

  48. chinnu R K says:

    reall diffrnt !!!!!!!!!very inspirative….

  49. Carol Canoute says:

    I want to thank pastor Joseph prince for the word of god in Jesus name.

  50. verginJK says:

    Amen .good one !

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