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A challenging compilation showing how far the church has fallen from the Biblical standard and the early church that Jesus built… This will impact you! Thi…

This clip is taken from the sermon “Jesus’ True Family,” preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll at the Mars Hill Church Ballard campus in Seattle, Washington, on J…

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50 Responses to "WAKE UP CHURCH!!!"

  1. Ross Daniel says:

    sermon on the mount

  2. johnmarshk says:

    I never get tired of seeing this video.

  3. eflint1 says:

    At least you spelled it with a lower case “g”, Bearnaise Allah is a little g god for sure.

  4. melissa Polite says:


  5. JessiLovesGod says:

    Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy! WOW!

  6. Carol4YeshuaAdonai says:

    ((We really all have to wake up and examine our own lives!)) David Wilkerson – “A diluted gospel is no Gospel at all.”

  7. Pastor Cochise says:


  8. Robert Blevins says:

    real men of God! mymymy God help us and turn us back to you again!

  9. Robert Blevins says:

    In a day when sin is rampant in the church and there seems to be no difference between those who call themselves Christian and the unbelievers, we need to come back to the reality that the only thing that can make us different is not going to church, or any other religious thing, but only the presence of God among us, to lead us, guide us, and work His will in our lives.

  10. enforcerthirtythree says:

    Lord bless these men.Love them.Finally I have found real men of God.God bless them all.

  11. vivislafter says:


  12. Kerrigan Skelly says:

    Here’s the link to Keith Daniel’s full sermon: /watch?v=oGp_p8vScYo

  13. FollowingChrist44 says:

    lol Leonard Ravenhill wrips this video; I still can’t believe he said what he did at 2:19… man, imagine a preacher saying that today in the so called churches we have now? Does anyone know the name of Keith Daniel’s sermon from this video? I would very much like to listen to it.

  14. Shon Shrontz says:

    Do the next thing. Pray. Forgive others. Ask for forgiveness from others. Put away questionable habits. Read your Bible – that is the clear revelation of what God wants you to do. Any hidden revelation or calling will come after doing what he has already told you.

  15. enforcerthirtythree says:

    I will always respect David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill.True men of God.Brave and humble.I salute you both.The Lord bless you both.Thank you Lord for these two men of God.May the Lord’s eternal light shine upon you.

  16. Lesley Duncan says:

    Thank you for sharing very very powerful! Pastor Carter Conlan is a true shepherd and I wish I was in his flock. How blessed they are and I am being able to watch on you tube!

  17. acyberguy says:

    Luke warm is a bad thing.

  18. Gwenlj says:

    come to JESUS before its to late. You were warned.

  19. Jake V says:

    We need more strong preaching like that! The one about the feet coming down the hall not to take you to heaven will send chills down someones spine. Get out there people and preach the WHOLE gospel!

  20. revwaynegreen says:

    Thank you for the heart stirring message

  21. OzInfoWarrior says:

    Bill Cooper said most of the Southern Baptist leaders are Freemasons. Those of you who know them need to confront them and get them out of Masonry. No secret societies should be allowed in the church.

    Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity. Their own manuels state a Mason is to lie for his brother, even in a court of law, in direct contrast to thou shalt not bear false witness. Not to mention the oaths they swear.

  22. Martha Lo says:


  23. Flock TV says:

    Great speakers.

  24. Evan Gelist says:

    I would love to get the links to the various sermons featured. Passion it is missing in the Church.

  25. Evan Gelist says:

    Twice in the Qur’an Muhammad identified who allah really is he said I serve the lord of this city Mecca. Who was the lord of the city of Mecca it was Hubal the Ka’baa was the temple of Hubal, Hubal was “the god” (which is what allah means) the god of Muhammad’s tribe. It is not the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Allah is not transcendent therefore he is not the one true God. repent and look to Jesus for your salvation because only He can TAKE AWAY YOUR SINS.

  26. JustAnotherPerson says:

    I do not wish to argue with you, but I just wanted to say some things I think needed to be aired & considered. I hope you will be able to see where Mark is coming from & most importantly, consult Scripture in its entirety. We can know the Lord and still have disobedience, otherwise we’d all be perfect and not need our Saviour. It is impossible for us to repent completely and purely of all sin, that is the very reason Christ was sacrificed; all of us fall short of the glory of God.


  27. JustAnotherPerson says:

    quote, “… coerced, just like an ordinary parent demanding an unwilling child do the dishes.” If you listen to Mark’s teaching in general, you will know that the love of Christ is central to all he promotes. Nobody willingly wants to serve in a church until Christ changes their heart from a fleshly one to a godly one. It is Christ himself who compels us to love him, otherwise we would not even know how to love.
    We as Christians are NOT better than society, only Christ in us excels.

  28. JustAnotherPerson says:

    but as it says in the book of James, to paraphrase, “faith without works is dead.” We need to contribute & good works are inspired by faith which is encouraged by fellowship as we are all part of the same body of Christ. And seeing as the analogy of the body is used to describe the church, a body has no redundant limbs or other parts and so neither does the church. The love of Christ is perfect, but we taint our love with fleshly desires & actions. There is no perfect church on Earth…

  29. JustAnotherPerson says:

    When the family of God is perfect (after the last day) then there will be no mess, pain or annoyance. If there was no sin & mess within the church, there would have been no need for all of the New Testament after Jesus was on the Earth. All the letters written to the churches in those days of early Christianity highlight the mess and annoyances that went on within the Christian community. We have not improved at all as a community of people who are in need of our saviour. Yes, love is key…

  30. Hubble House says:

    The difference between a family and a restaurant is that in a family, the cooks make new cooks and raise them up to have their own restaurant.

  31. Trustin Jesus says:

    Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

    “I warn those of you who mock Me, by making little of these Messages — My Holy Word, you must come to Me, now, in Holy Adoration, immediately, every single day, until you hear My Voice. Only then can I take you and show you what I need from you at this crucial time in your service to God.

    Your Jesus “

  32. 00Redgen says:

    Never join a perfect church because if you do you’ll stuff t up

  33. 00Redgen says:

    Strefanasha- I know what you are saying and agree that he does not talk about the bible enough BUT I don’t think that this is a horrible message because the thing that he never says but is obviously trying to say is to LOVE the church. The preacher is jumping to the works without saying that you work because love.

  34. Strefanasha says:

    some of us hope desperately that we are wrong to loathe such preaching

    but the evidence piles up superabundantly when it is clear that the preacher does not know or ignores his bible

    with such scripture twisting as this, with such false analogy, what else is there

  35. Strefanasha says:

    in fact I am utterly dismayed at the number of scriptures he has totally ignored to make this totally false analogy

    and yet we still wonder why the church is in such a parlous state?

    when its preachers come out with such illconceived illogic and scripture twisting (or ignoring) what else is the conclusion.

    the love in unbelieving families is conditional, idolatrous and shallow.

    so there is not a comparison between such and that of the church as it should be


  36. Strefanasha says:

    IF the family of God is as messy as any ordinary unbelieving family – and that is his point, otherwise his logic fails, then there is no new creation, no fruit of the Spirit, no peace in the household of the saints, no tender hearted forgiveness.

    the service he speaks of comes not from love for it is coerced, just like an ordinary parent demanding an unwilling child do the dishes.

    he has totally missed the point that the love of christ is NOT like that of unbelieving families

  37. Strefanasha says:

    family, a huge painful annoying mess


    the family of GOD??

    this is idolatrous claptrap

    it does not feel like family because we do not love one another because WE DO NOT KNOW THE LORD

    all the talk in the world does not change this, and all the excuses he makes for the sheer arrogance and carnality
    let us not repent of the mess

    let us justify it by defining family as such

    FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!

  38. Darran Williams says:

    By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
    John 13:35

  39. deborah ejeh says:

    i am yet to understand why people visit a page they hate ,,,,hypocrisy much,,,, btw i love your teaching pastor mark

  40. Douglas Anderson says:

    what a load of shit!. The Church world wide is under investigation for sexual immorality. Trust my kids to bunch of dick sucking butt fucking priest, etc. fuck no

  41. Виталий Барбадьков says:

    Where in Bible church is family?

  42. Denise Thorbjornsen says:

    If I serve men I am no longer the servant of Christ!!!!!

  43. Denise Thorbjornsen says:

    Jesus said,”You can’t be my disciple if you love wife,children,sister,brother more than me!!!!!!!!Take up your cross and follow me!!!!!The way is narrow and few there be that find it.Your worst enemies will be those of your family.Father against son,mother against daughter.The kingdom of heaven is love ,joy,peace,righteousness,meekness,gentleness.It’s not food and drink!!!!!!!

  44. 19Mans says:

    Thank you for this clip!

  45. Antnj81 says:

    Allah didn’t created the earth; the Lord God Of Israel did. Jesus is the only way to heaven… if you believe that he lead a sinless life, died on the cross, and rose again, you will be saved.

  46. BehaviorModification says:

    All families are dysfunctional, some way more than others, and I think this holds fairly true in churches as well. Sometimes the ministry in a particular church can be anything but conducive to those members with a genuine desire to serve. Like a family, each person involved (from the pulpit to the pew) needs to contribute to the health and well-being of the whole thing.

  47. 52RGD says:

    Thanks again my brother,
    After I wrote the book almost 20 years ago I used all my effort to find a publisher until I gave up. Almost all of them wanted me to pay some money for a joint venture but I can’t afford.

    I have not tried yet again.

  48. 52RGD says:

    You are welcome my brother and thank you also for your comments.

    Actually I have shared this to many people already including in you tube but you are the first one to thank me and say that you agree with me. You must be different from the rest of them.
    God bless you.

  49. Daniel Pozhoga says:

    Also, again, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the truth and exposing the lie. I would recommend that you would publish that book for the Glory of God so many people will come to the truth the false doctrine of tithes and offerings.

    God bless you


  50. Daniel Pozhoga says:

    I 100% agree with you and I thank the Lord for you taking the time to teach me. I learned quite a bit of valuable knowledge from your posts.

    One thing that I would like to mention is that it is honorable to give from what little you have, to serve the cause of Christ. This is to stop someone from thinking that just because they’re lacking they don’t need to give to others.

    We see this in the beginning of Luke 21 with the poor widows offering.

    May God’s grace be with you.

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