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OFFICIAL Video: Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church

Russell seeks common ground with the notoriously anti-gay leaders. Subscribe to Russell Brand on YouTube: LIKE Russell on Facebook: https…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Recover EP out now: The debut album The Bones Of What You Believe out now. Standard: I Special:…

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50 Responses to "OFFICIAL Video: Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church"

  1. dominic archibald says:

    Follow the entire bible word for word and no matter what you do or don’t do you’re a sinner. As far as the bible’s concerned we’re born with original sin. As far as I’m concerned if the state, which at the time that the bible was written was not separated from the church, makes you feel like worm shit you won’t have the confidence to rise up against them, you’ll fight their wars for them you’ll pay your taxes and think, feel and do as they bid.

  2. dominic archibald says:

    Nice one. Hey, the holy spirit wrote that so those two dickheads ARE GOING TO HELL!

  3. DeanoPiano says:

    Just proves how religion can change human behavior to one another

  4. kane whare-paikea says:

    your a filthy pervert bahaha

  5. Mark-Anthony Fenech says:

    Gandhi in hell with a pointy bra.

  6. Gunslinger forhire says:

    too bad they’re not protesting “actual” things.

  7. Michael Flury says:

    I think I might have made it through this whole clip but due to those two nut-sacks my brain cells wanted to off themselves.

  8. HIVisaLIE says:

    there is no hell

  9. Daniel Nguyen says:

    For fuck’s sake, these pudgy, dipshits should jam a barrel in their mouths and pull the fucking trigger.

  10. Bryce Morrison says:

    I am Christian and believe in God but these guys are nut jobs.

  11. DominohDance says:

    Russell brand. You’ve done it! You’ve called them out without them even realizing it and made of them to their faces! Yes! Just so much yes!

  12. kylee Trenholm says:

    I grew up baptist but do disagree with some things.This so call “church” is crazy. I hope people don’t think all baptist are like this. Iv always been told that we don’t have the right to judge people only God does. I agree with Russell that we are taking the bible too literally, especially for a book that was written thousands of years ago.

  13. Zachary Leib-Perry says:

    although i think we can say with a lot of certainty that Gandhi is most definitely NOT burning in hell

  14. Zachary Leib-Perry says:

    and was i mistaken, or did one of those t-shirts say that priests rape children?

  15. Zachary Leib-Perry says:

    That was simultaneously absolutely hilarious, and utterly terrifying. HOW THE FUCK CAN THEY THINK GANDHI IS GOING TO HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Awesome video by the way

  16. likecal1 says:

    I’ve gained so much more respect for Russell Brand after seeing this.

  17. Joe L. says:

    *Facepalm* even though russell isn’t Christian he has the right idea you tolerate everyone you have to and hating people is not going to do that these guys are idiots

  18. visionofmalkav says:

    Ultimate irony: The guy quoting Leviticus saying “man shall not lie with man as with woman” is wearing a cotton/poly blend t-shirt, sitting next to a bald guy and has a trimmed beard.

    Leviticus 19:19 – Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.
    Leviticus 19:27 – Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.


  19. Diane Jean says:

    Jesus said, he hated figgs. 

  20. Luitinto says:

    If evil exists, I imagine it to look like the two angry dudes on the sofa. You almost expect them to get up any minute to start killing everybody.

  21. dsastrclan says:

    they are so hateful, and heretic how dare they talk in the name of god

  22. bobwantrsyourspleen says:


  23. nooneeverdies says:

    These guys are so wrong about everything they are talking about… VERY painful to watch.

  24. CreTson says:

    you got to give it to the WBC guys…They were surprisingly civil…

  25. ReturnOfTheBoomBap22 says:

    tv show full of freaks

  26. nilbog44 says:

    Depeche Mode is one of my favorite groups of all time. Same with new order. But guess what, chvrches kick ass. chill out

  27. RoxyYukiViolet says:

    let’s eat tin foil sandwiches ;D

  28. brian4480 says:

    Wicked response……. Do you ever get tired of being the bane of the western world? I would rather have this shit band pumped into my ears 24/7 then interact with you annoying, vapid, twerking wallet drainers.

  29. Katelyn Tejeda says:

    me too

  30. Bane Dorrance says:

    This is such a tune.

    This is what pop should be, none of that Katy Perry horseshit.

  31. littlefred307 says:

    @brian4480 you’re just a fucking twat mate goin get a fuckin life

  32. karla nicole says:

    … u **ever** get tired of being a bitter ass bitch

  33. brian4480 says:

    Take your own advice phaget….

  34. brian4480 says:

    The music is total shit. It would be like enjoying a kick in the ear with a reissue boot from the 80’s. None of it is needed this is YT. Its a time waster. Its now me responding to random comments though so I will reply if I have time.

  35. Andreas Kolb says:

    The best 80s revival Band there last few years! ( and there gives many of groups)

  36. thisproblemofhell says:

    This song is awesome as always for the group. I’m a fan of their tracks. Somehow this video reminds me of “Introducing Palace Players by Mew”.

  37. badantiherochato says:

    Just ignore the guy. He’s obviously just look for someone to argue with. Pathetic.

  38. Josh Hill says:

    Just One thing i would love to ask. Is this All really needed? I mean Come on Just Enjoy the music and stop Being little girls and bitching about who has the biggest dick or my logic is more logical then your logic. Just Enjoy the music simple as that.

  39. brian4480 says:

    What exactly would I be bitter about? They didn’t steal my music. Do you ever get tired of being a cash cow for tone deaf hacks? What are you even doing here, isn’t there a Emo boy band somewhere in need of a good screaming? Did you and your BFF’s decide Beiber and Twilight are “so last week” and thought that this was “edgy”. Orange is the new black right tween?

  40. brian4480 says:

    I never heard of them before my comment and I don’t hate them now. I came here a week ago from a TYT video. I noticed they ripped of DM and posted a comment about it. The butthurt followed……

    “Flailing you arms around trying to hit something won’t change the aspects of genres.” WTF….. does that even mean?

  41. justin wright says:

    im full

  42. karla nicole says:

    do u ever get tired of being a bitter ass bitch

  43. Cornbreadddd says:

    This might be one of the most annoyingly unoriginal groups I’ve ever listened to.

  44. Nataly Carbonell says:

    Why do they have that same “oh oh oh” on the background in almost every of their songs? I like it though…

  45. badantiherochato says:

    Same deal with you, why are you coming onto videos of songs you clearly hate? Flailing you arms around trying to hit something won’t change the aspects of genres. Anyway, I might as well leave, this exchange is boring me.

  46. brian4480 says:

    You are replying to day old comments champ… If you want me to shut up don’t start an exchange you twit. Shit bands have taken other riffs and shit genres are based on chord stealing… Lack of creativity is not a point of pride you asshat.

  47. badantiherochato says:

    “what you twerps”
    Oh how lovely you are. I just looked her up because of some dude who reviews albums. This is the first time listening to this band, actually. Anyways, I don’t give a shit about what you think about this band or not. Besides, many bands have taken riffs from others. It’s basically what some genres entail, given certain chord progressions. Either or, shut the fuck up and go brood elsewhere. There’s no reason for you to stick around.

  48. brian4480 says:

    Inspiration taking is not a big deal… its the riff taking that is a big deal. Look, I don’t give a shit what you twerps listen to now but learn the difference between inspiration and stealing. And while your at it stop relying to me nothing you can say to me will make this girl any less of a hack.

  49. badantiherochato says:

    Dude, they take much inspiration from 80’s synth, big fucking deal.

  50. littlefred307 says:

    @brian4480 You sound like a jealous wee wank

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