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Lastest Orthodox News

Greek Orthodox Church hosts 67th annual barbecue
Although it wasn't supposed to get started until 9 a.m., a line of people waiting for the 67th annual Greek Orthodox Church's Barbecue began to form about 7:30 a.m., Charles Manikas said. Manikas is the special projects coordinator at the Greek …
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Orthodox Jewish state school bans TV and the internet from pupils' homes and
An Orthodox Jewish faith school instructs pupils' parents not to wear bright clothing, to cover their elbows and knees, and to "refrain from following trends which contradict the spirit of modesty." In a highly restrictive admissions policy, described …

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Family of Orthodox Jewish woman files 2 lawsuits against driver who hit
Two years after a car hit and killed an Orthodox Jewish woman walking to synagogue, the woman's family filed two lawsuits against the driver and his company. On Sept. 13, 2013, Esther Ohayon tried to walk across San Jose Boulevard to Etz Chaim …
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