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Musings on Christianity and the Gawad Kalinga Program

Musings on Christianity and the Gawad Kalinga Program

Christianity has always been the religion of the meek. Friedrich Nietzsche calls Christian morality as a slave morality. After all, they say that the meek shall inherent the earth. If this is really true, then Filipinos will be the majority in earth in the future. But is this what this beatitude prophesies? It’s possible I suppose. Perhaps our population explosion will let us inherent the earth. Filipinos can now be found all over the globe. Is that what the beatitude means?

I seriously do not believe that that is what this beatitude means. Think about how large the gap of wealth is between first world and third world countries. And realize also that third world countries were all once colonies of the now first world countries. It is true that there are some past colonies that have significantly prospered, but that was during a time of opportunity. In short, tiger economies such as Japan and Singapore could only have prospered because trading was still good with the other Asian countries that were still stuck in the third world. These tiger economies processed the raw materials from third world countries thus perpetuating the same process of neo-colonization.

This process of countries profiting off other countries is enacted in the social microcosm. Rich people essentially profit over those who are poorer than they are. You may think that being rich does not hurt anybody, but you would be mistaken. Marxism has taught us how the social structure of society is created by whoever controls the means of production. Those with the capital take advantage of the laborers by making them do all the harder work while they reap most of the profits. There are other ways by how the material wealth becomes unfairly distributed and all of these social structures have created what we know now as the face of poverty.

So how does Christianity fit in all of this? Well, the rich and the privileged have used the doctrines of Christianity to keep these social structures in place. The rich shall always be rich while the rich while the poor shall remain poor. How is this achieved? It is achieved by focusing on the idea of meekness and forbearance.

Now, Tony Meloto, the founder of one of the Philippine’s biggest, most successful charity organization has outlined in his speeches just how Christianity should act for social justice. Once you put in the awareness of these oppressive social structures to Christian morality, then a true Christian should have no other recourse other than helping out his less fortunate brother and sister. The project started by Tony Meloto along with his fellow members moved away from the originating Catholic impetus to a more social service oriented vision. The removal of religion here is perhaps one of the biggest and boldest moves by Tony Meloto who as a strict Catholic is disobeying a lot of the Church’s doctrines. He accepted funding for example from contraceptive companies despite the fact that contraception is highly condemned by the Catholic Church. And his flaring vision is no where near meek either. He calls for the eradication of poverty. This writer, though understanding the Christian position, believes that the exclusivity and strict dogma of religion should not bar the progress of social change.

If it is true that with power comes responsibility, then the richest of the rich should take care of the poorest of the poor.

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