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WMSO Christmas concert set for Dec. 5

WMSO Christmas concert set for Dec. 5 The White Mountain Symphony Orchestra with new conductor Dr. Ted Vives will present its Christmas Concert at 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Snowflake NPC Performing Arts Center. The wide variety of selections will include the "Polar Express Suite," "A … Read more on White Mountain Independent The Battlefields of Lake George and Ticonderoga: Dallying in the Adirondacks … If you want to break your train or car journey on the New York-Montreal run you could do worse than stop off for a couple of days in Lake George and Ticonderoga in the Adirondack Mountains, where British and French colonial forces duked it out before … Read more on Huffington Post The Agapi | Zoi web site offers a great source of information to anyone seeking spiritual growth Spiritual … Read entire article »

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BBC Documentary – A History of Christianity Ep 3 – Orthodoxy From Empire To Empire

Today, Eastern Orthodox Christianity flourishes in the Balkans and Russia, with over 150 million members worldwide. It is unlike Catholicism or Protestantism – worship is carefully choreographed, icons pull the faithful into a mystical union with Christ, and everywhere there is a symbol of a fierce-looking bird, the double-headed eagle. What story is this ancient drama trying to tell us? In the third part of his journey into the history of Christianity, Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch charts Orthodoxy’s extraordinary fight for survival. After its glory days in the eastern Roman Empire, it stood right in the path of Muslim expansion, suffered betrayal by crusading Catholics, was seized by the Russian tsars and faced near-extinction under Soviet communism. MacCulloch visits the greatest collection of early icons in the Sinai desert, a surviving relic of … Read entire article »

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Church's wellness programs take holistic approach

Church's wellness programs take holistic approach Parish nurse Becky Elsbernd told the Mason City Globe Gazette that church members believe their church is called to be a “servant church” and have reached out to the community. Nearly 50 percent of the participants in some programs are not Trinity … Read more on Clinton Herald Pelzer church reaches out to mill town with food PELZER — Bunches of fresh broccoli, baskets of potatoes and bushels of peppers were piled high on plastic tables Tuesday at the Pelzer Church of God. As volunteers worked at putting the food on tables, others gathered for a cup of coffee and to talk … Read more on Anderson Independent Mail Vandals break into NE Atlanta church ATLANTA — For more than 50 years, Mt. Zion Second Baptist Church has stood at the corner … Read entire article »

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Twaimz Bartholomew Vines Compilation

Twaimz Bartholomew vines compilation. Video Rating: / 5 The Agapi | Zoi web site offers a great source of information to anyone seeking spiritual growth Spiritual Growth Studies Agapi | Zoi site Read this to see what it is about With audio and video presentations. Attention... Feel free to comment where it is allowed, only on the post's contents !General comments about this site just for the purpose to leave a backlink wont be accepted and will be deleted... … Read entire article »

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Faith Based

Faith Based Purpose of study The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of social support, self efficacy, outcome expectations, and self regulation on social-cognitive determinants of physical activity for participants in a church-based health promotion study (Eileen, Wojcik, Winett and Williams, 2006). This study was carried out on the background of understanding of the role of physical activity in maintaining individual fitness and reducing risk for diseases. Although health experts have recommended engaging in physical exercises for at least 30 minutes not less than three days a week, it is evident that most Americans do not pass health fitness test. They cite lack of time and other inconveniences as reasons why they fail to engage in physical exercises. To understand factors that influence individual participation in physical … Read entire article »

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Basu misunderstands cross, Christians

Basu misunderstands cross, Christians But God, fortunately, is not only holy and just, but also gracious and merciful. If I am willing to be sorry for my sin and willing to invite His Holy Spirit into my life to help me clean up, He will accept me as His child. So what am I to do when my … Read more on Hermits finish season with 9th win •Atlantic City 32, Holy Spirit 10: Jamir Prevard scored touchdowns of 11 and 23 yards, and hooked up with Doug DeBerry on scoring strikes of 44 and 15 yards to power the Vikings to a 51-32-4 lead in the series and the John Boyd-Stan Marczyk Memorial … Read more on Cherry Hill Courier Post For Iris DeMent, Music Is The Calling That Forces Her Into The Spotlight So it … Read entire article »

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Baptism and Christening Gifts

Baptism and Christening Gifts A baby’s baptism or christening is a very special and meaningful event, a day when family, friends, and other loved ones welcome a new baby into their faith. To commemorate baby’s special occasion, there are many unique keepsake gifts you can give to the baby and to the baby’s godparents. It’s baby’s big day – what will he/she wear? Baby probably already has a special outfit all picked out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give accessories! From christening baby bibs to bonnets to baby blankets, there are dozens of ways to add a bit of flair to baby’s outfit. And best of all, most gifts can be personalized with embroidery or engraved with baby’s baptism/christening date and name. After the ceremony, these items can be … Read entire article »

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Lastest Holy Mountain News

13 reasons to be thankful you live in Arizona Rest houses along the Bright Angel Trail. The Civilian Conservation Corps completed projects across the state, including building the rest houses along the Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon. Rick Mortensen. The Hogs were old mountain biking trails … Read more on Pope says Christian-Muslim dialogue 'essential' for peace A Kenyan soldier directs Catholic priests as they queue after dawn to attend a Holy Mass to be given by Pope Francis at the campus of the University of Nairobi in Kenya Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015. … At Mountain Empire Stoneworks perfect is not good enough. Read more on Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog) The Agapi | Zoi web site offers a great source of information to anyone seeking spiritual growth Spiritual Growth Studies Agapi | … Read entire article »

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Lastest Orthodoxy News

A History of Celebrity Chefs Insulting the Crap Out of Each Other I'm suspicious of orthodoxy, the kind of orthodoxy when it comes to what you put in your mouth." Jacques Pepin on Gordon Ramsay: "The worst offenders insult and humiliate their crew, cursing and swearing, with every other word a bleeped expletive.". Read more on E! Online Denominational Déjà Vu If the “open” in “Open Orthodoxy” means to imply that what has long been called Orthodox Judaism is somehow “closed” to other Jews, that proposition would greatly surprise any non-Orthodox Jew who has ever walked into an Orthodox shul. What it more … Read more on The Jewish Week Inside the World of Egypt's Salafist Muslims Pellegrin: These Salafists are so devout, their whole life really revolves around the idea of orthodoxy, trying to be as close … Read entire article »

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Lastest Christianity News

Thinking Medieval about “Masculine” Christianity Late medieval English sermons highlight women as playing vital roles in the spread and practice of Christianity. When Thomas took the gospel to India, as related in the popular fifteenth-century sermon compendium Festial, it was a woman who was the … Read more on Patheos (blog) The Illusive Danger of 'Bible Belt Christianity' I was born and raised smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. Almost everyone I knew intellectually assented to the truths of the Bible, had prayed a prayer at some altar in some church as a child, attended worship service regularly, voted … Read more on Christian Post The Agapi | Zoi web site offers a great source of information to anyone seeking spiritual growth Spiritual Growth Studies Agapi | Zoi site Read this to see … Read entire article »

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