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How Easter Redefines The Impossible

How Easter Redefines The Impossible SERMON PULPIT EXCHANGE JANUARY 18 2009 The disciples were right to be stunned by Jesus’ words. He had just told them, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:24-25). You can hear the shock in their voice when they ask, “Who then can be saved?” How much more surprised they must have been when he replied, “With man this is impossible.” Various attempts to soften Jesus’ words have been made, but the disciples’ reaction shows that they understood the full force of what he meant. In an attempt to feel better about themselves some have tried … Read entire article »

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Rock & Roll In Church

Rock & Roll In Church Why do some churches have old time hymns and others have several guitars, drums and other types of instruments that weren’t in churches twenty plus years ago? Are we getting away from what a Christian church should be, and forming something else that maybe isn’t acceptable to God today? I know some conservative churches that never allow anything but a piano and a church organ for their music. They sing the old time hymns (from when I was a child in church), of which many are still beautiful and really nostalgic. Other churches allow most any musical instrument. Christian songs by new Christian artists of today are played and sung as well. I’ve got to admit that some of the music that is popular is … Read entire article »

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Faith is Blind

Faith is Blind John 2:24 “But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because He knew all men” (NKJV) Jesus had come to the Passover and had performed signs before the people (John 2:23), causing many to believe in His name. Even though many declared belief, Jesus did not commit Himself to them. Why would Jesus not commit Himself to those that professed belief in who He was? It is because He knows all men. He did not just know who they were, but He knew their heart. Jesus knew that many of those that had just declared belief in who He was would later turn from His ministry. It is easy to believe in something that we can see, but much harder to have faith in what we cannot. … Read entire article »

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Vicenzaoro: The Gold And Jewels Trade Fair In Vicenza, Italy

Vicenzaoro: The Gold And Jewels Trade Fair In Vicenza, Italy 2011 has begun with VicenzaOro, the first gold and jewels trade fair: not only because it is the first one of the year, but also because it is one of the most important ones. The event, that has taken place in Vicenza for years, is now one of the main world events as far as gold and jewels are concerned. A great jump for an event that was originally meant to promote and support the local gold manufacturers, and that now hosts companies and manufacturers coming not only from all over Italy, but also from all over the world: among the participants in the fair, indeed, you might find the main Italian diamonds manufacturers as well as the … Read entire article »

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Maxism and Leninism in relation to Christianity (Morality of the world order)

Maxism and Leninism in relation to Christianity (Morality of the world order) The Marxists find it easy to reaching consensus regarding their ethical beliefs because of their single minded approach to the Marxist theological, philosophical, biological, economical and historical disciplines. Though these ethics have no absolute foundation, the Marxist believes the dialectical view of the class struggle is foundation enough. Such a view dictates the conflicts between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie and since their later exploits the former, the two classes are of different moralities and Marxist/Leninist believe that a new morality for a new man would be established if the bourgeoisies are said to be capitalist who are controlled by the Old-Morality system, the Old religion moral code which makes conspicuous the socio-physical hopelessness of the proletariat … Read entire article »

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Advantages of Nearshoring to Eastern Europe

Advantages of Nearshoring to Eastern Europe …or why Ukraine is the perfect outsourcing country for Western Europe. As we can see nowadays, nearshore and offshore software development is something that more and more software development companies are looking into. Leaving alone all the advantages and benefits of outsourcing (which, I am sure, you are quite well informed about), one important thing when thinking about outsourcing is the selection of the best strategic partner for your business, which of course starts from selecting a proper offshore location. It’s time to start picking the “shore”, and like with grocery shopping it would be most logical to start with the nearest supermarket. My firm belief is that outsourcing from Western to Eastern Europe is the most reliable and effective option for now due to … Read entire article »

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Shop for a Cross Belt Buckle Online

Shop for a Cross Belt Buckle Online The cross belt buckle is very imperative item in some peoples’ lives. It has both fashion and spiritual significance. Many Christians, especially the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox use symbolic crosses. Buckle crosses do not have to demonstrate a person’s faith or set of beliefs. It can purely be useful for showing off one’s fashion and style tastes and preferences. It should also help you fasten your pants and skirts snugly on the hips. There are many different versions of this buckle available today.   Some styles such as the Celtic cross are very famous among shoppers. When it has a circle surrounding the cross design, it would symbolize eternal life. Despite this, you should not restrict yourself to just one choice. First, … Read entire article »

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The Logic of Faith

The Logic of Faith We live in a world that demands from us a constant definition of the self. A lack of understanding of our real mission on earth sometimes leads us into a lot of misconceptions and strains us in our conviction. What is it to have conviction? How can we have conviction? There are certain basic things we must learn. We must carry the ability to weigh things clearly and dispassionately. The human being struggles most times to earn objectivity in his reasoning. He must have the willingness to see the logic of what he is seeing or he is told before he can come to a clearer understanding. Does faith need logic? Yes it does! Creation is logical. It is the basis of our conviction because … Read entire article »

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Vinyl Church Banners for Church Announcements

Vinyl Church Banners for Church Announcements Church banners are something that always carries some importance messages for believers. Worship banners are used for advertising church related activities and it comes as a huge help for both church ministries and the worshipers. As the vinyl banners hold a lot of importance in announcing church events effectively, they can be a better option for church advertising. Low Cost Church Announcements with Banners Banners are the most sought after method for small scale advertising. As they are low-cost and easy to use, most people prefer to use it for advertising or announcing an event or activity. Church announcements require only small scale advertising and target only a small local area. This is why vinyl church banners become an appropriate means. Back in the day, church … Read entire article »

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Safe And Thrill-filled Rafting Adventures In Cagayan De Oro

Safe And Thrill-filled Rafting Adventures In Cagayan De Oro Want to experience one of the best thrills in life? Come to Cagayan De Oro and embark on the safe and thrill-filled rafting adventures on its wide popular river. Dubbed as the Adventure Capital of the Philippines, Cagayan De Oro is fast becoming the tourist destination of both local and foreign adventurers who want to experience the outbursts of pure adrenaline rush. You, too, could experience it by joining the rafting tours organized by Great White Water Tours. True to their tagline Safe and Professional, Great White Water Tours foremost agenda in every white water rafting trip is your safety. Before the trip begins, their expert rafting guides will orient you on safety measures and equip you with survival techniques that … Read entire article »

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