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Golf in Crete

Golf in Crete If you enjoy playing Golf then the Golf Club in Crete is undoubtedly for you. To be found in Hersonissos Crete, this 18 hole course will ensure that even the most seasoned player is tested with their collection of skills. Designed by Bob Hunt, the design is best described as a dessert style that includes the natural background of the Island of Crete. Hardly more than thirty minutes drive from Greece’s Heraklion airport, the golf club is surrounded by incredible visions that involve mountain landscapes from the Minoan era which date from 2600 to 1100 BC. As a keen golfer, you possibly will before no time take in that the idea of the course converges on accuracy even though there are still big landing areas. If you do … Read entire article »

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Orthodox Patriarchs meet in Crete’s Ronya Monastery for prayer

Present primates: His All Holiness Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew His Holiness Patriarch of Alexandria Theodoros II His Holiness Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III His Holiness Patriarch of Belgrade Irineous His Holiness Patriarch of Bucharest Daniel His High Eminence Chrysostomos II of Cyprus His High Eminence Ieronymos of Athens His High Eminence Sava of Warsaw His High Eminence Anastasios of Tirana His High Eminence Rastislav of Prague Video Rating: / 5 His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew arrived today in Crete in order to convene, preside, and participate in the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, which will take place June 19-26 at the Orthodox Academy of Crete. Immediately prior to the beginning of the council, on June 17, His All-Holiness has called the Primates of the local autocephalous Churches to a Synaxis (a gathering), approved by all of the 14 … Read entire article »

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International Student Advisor Philippines Isa 4u Opened New Offices

International Student Advisor Philippines Isa 4u Opened New Offices ISA 4U Philippines opened new branches at Cagayan de Oro City, Dagupan City and Naga City, Philippines. International Student Advisors 4U Cagayan De Oro Branch is located at Arch Hayes cor Tiano Bros. Street. ISA 4U Cagayan can be reach on 0920 8081385 and 0920 8081385. Dagupan Branch is located at Rollin’s Building, Perez Blvd. Barangay Pogo Chico with mobile numbers of 0909 6034874 and 0909 6034874. Naga Branch is located at Mackay Building, Panganiban Drive with contact numbers 0928 3187760 and 0906 5778799. For international callers, please add +63 on the mobile numbers listed and omit 0. We are expanding to serve you better, and its a great news!, Philip and Bernalyn Leonard. Philip Leonard is the Chairman of International Student … Read entire article »

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Indeshaw Adenaw about Safaris in Eastern Africa

Indeshaw Adenaw about Safaris in Eastern Africa Going on Safari is an experience all within its own, according to Indeshaw Adenaw. Kenya is one of the most popular destinations for traveling in all of Eastern Africa. Thousands of tourists a year head out to numerous destinations from the Masai Mara reserve to the Great Rift Valley. There are thousands of different destinations for people interested in safaris. You do not have to be a safari expert to enjoy all of the different sights there are to see on many of these trips. Best of all, most of these trips are totally inclusive. You are taken care of from accommodations to food to trips to go and see all the wildlife. Stunning natural beauty ensures that you have something to … Read entire article »

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Well Done, My Faithful Flower

Well Done, My Faithful Flower I asked the Lord to plant me as a flower full of grace So that others who would see me would behold His lovely face. And so He gently set my seed into the earth below And caused my roots to settle deep and then the winds to blow. But heavy rains and scorching sun each played a special part In making me a flower that was charming to His heart. But I asked the Lord to give me more that I could do for Him To be far more than just a glimpse of beauty in the wind. And so he chose to grace me with aroma from His heart And caused me to smell sweet for Him and set me far apart From ordinary flowers that just simply come and go Never having … Read entire article »

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Music in Christian Worship

Music in Christian Worship Copyright (c) 2010 Robert Hinchliffe The history of music in Christian worship is a substantial one which can trace its origins all the way back to pre-Christian times in the Old Testament. In those very early days we read of the Jewish people singing, playing instrumental music and even dancing. Such activity was widely used as a means of expressing faith. Music played an important role in many acts of celebration and worship. It was into that society that Jesus was born. Over the two thousand years since Christ’s life the use of music in Christian worship has gone through many phases and many musical idioms. It is really over the second of those two thousand years that church music, as we know it today, has developed. One … Read entire article »

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If You Have a Faith!

If You Have a Faith! Have you ever been in the flow of life when everything just fell into place and it felt like you are the happiness person in the world? Everything is the magical game. Every effort you made come true. Let’s imagine and wish or desire it. Faith is an attitude towards life that allows us to consciously awaken to feel that what we hope and desire will be true here and now. It opens the door for us to experience everything we hope and we get many powers to step ahead. Laws of Universe will help you achieve what you want. Below are some tips.     I remember such a time many years ago when I lived in the East Village in NYC and entered my screenplay … Read entire article »

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Screen Mounts

Screen Mounts Screens can be mounted to walls or in the case of computer screens they can be mounted to a desk in order to prevent any unnecessary damage and also to ensure that an office space remains need and tidy at all times. screen mounts are useful as well as stylish systems that can be used in homes as well as work environments. Desk mounts provide space saving and flexible monitor mounting solutions. They allow the screen to be mounted in ways that the screen is still movable to prevent glare and ensure that you are able to work comfortably. These types of screen mounts come with different functions and can move vertically and/or horizontally depending on what exactly you are looking for. Swivel and rotation options are … Read entire article »

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Orthodox Deacon moved during Pan-Orthodox Divine Liturgy, Crete

Orthodox Deacon moved during Pan-Orthodox Divine Liturgy, Crete

Orthodox Deacon moved during Pan-Orthodox Divine Liturgy, Crete His Holiness Metropolitan of Belgrade, Serbian Patriarch Irineous and His High Eminence Arch-bishop of Skopje and all Macedonia John and bishop of Shumadija John served Divine Liturgy in Crete, during 2nd day of the Pan-Orthodox Council, 22/6/2016. Video Rating: / 5 The Agapi | Zoi web site offers a great source of information to anyone seeking spiritual growth Spiritual Growth Studies Agapi | Zoi site Read this to see … Read entire article »

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Christmas Doors

Christmas Doors Every kind of event and every kind of person who are involved with some religious occasion would like to decorate your house firstly so I will tell you tell you about the Christian who will celebrate their chrismal every year by decorating their houses and distributing different types of gifts to the kids, when ever any visitor comes to your house the first thing he will notice that how you can decorate the door of your house, There are lots of flowers which are used to decorate your door on Christmas, There are lots of wreaths of flowers which are available in market to decorate your Christmas doors Ways to decorate Christmas doors There are lots of ways to decorate your house on Christmas so you have selected the … Read entire article »

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