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Orthodox Church of Crete – On the Issue of Yoga

Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Crete has published it’s statement on the issue of populist Yoga.
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9 Responses to "Orthodox Church of Crete – On the Issue of Yoga"

  1. Holy Orthodoxy Is Truth says:

    Yoga is completely satanic. All must avoid. Thank you for this wonderful video.

  2. Fakeslimshady says:

    awww, i thought 9 men are gonna preach at the same time =(

  3. lalan thegood says:

    every time I took a class it was followed by bad luck, bad news, and all sorts of unfortunate situations, I am convinced that there is a good deal more 2 this sinister form of "exercise" and as a Christian I am greatful that it's true purpose has been revealed. …thank you for confirming my suspicions

  4. Conselheiro says:

    yoga should be completely banned by law from the christian west just like any other bullshit of pagan oriental phillosophy

  5. aahlstrom93 says:

    I thought Yoga was just stretching. If it's just stretching I see no problem but stay away from the Hindu stuff

  6. Pete Kondolios says:

    Indeed he is risen.
    the last sentence contained a double negative . it should read has nothing to do with any (instead of no) religion.

  7. Anthony ALGER says:

    yoga, …. is that yogurt mixed with soda?

  8. Gretchen Isasquirrel says:

    We can have only one Master.

  9. Sky Way says:

    Yoga should be avoided.

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