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How to Give Good Church Sermons!

How to Give Good Church Sermons!

So, you want to know how to give good sermons? The key to great church sermons is the preparation beforehand. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to wow your congregation the next time you see them.

Firstly, it’s important to keep your parishioners’ attention. One of the things people don’t like about going to church is a long, boring sermon that they don’t pay attention to and certainly won’t remember as soon as the service is over. You can still get your point across with a shorter, snappier and interesting sermon that your congregation will keep thinking about afterward.

Secondly, be prepared! Speaking off the top of your head or “winging it” is hard to do and usually doesn’t make good church sermons. You may lose your train of thought, try to make a joke (that goes down like a lead balloon) when you see it’s starting to go badly and stumble your way through the rest of your time at the pulpit. You definitely don’t want to do that!

An important tip to consider that you are seriously going to lose your parishioners’ attention if your sermon is longer than 10 minutes.

Make sure you a glass of water at hand and a strong voice. You don’t want to get a dry mouth and croak like a frog. Or worse, the people in the back won’t be able to hear you because you’re not loud enough.

Some people think that giving good church sermons looks easy but by now you and I know that it’s not. It can be a lot of work to get your point across in under 10 minutes in a way that will grab your congregation’s attention and hold it all the way through. But hopefully with the above tips your job just got a little easier.

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His holiness Patriarch and Catholicos of Tbilisi and all Georgia Illya II with the Holy Synod of the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church, held in (February 16th 2016) have rejected document “The relation of the Orthodox Church towards the rest of the Christian world.” that has been prepared for the Grand Council that will be held in Crete, June 2016.
Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church has also complained about other documents.
To remind you, at the Grand Council, 14 Orthodox Churches will take part, if even only one Church puts a veto on a certain document, such document cannot be accepted.
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