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St. Francis Church – A Historic Church In Kochin

St. Francis Church – A Historic Church In Kochin
With an illustrious history and a whole list of fascinating attractions, Kochin is an amazing city that promises plenty to the expectant traveller. This one-of-a-kind city boasts of much more than Indian hospitality and a warm smile, having a history which spans more than 600 years. Home to scores of travelling traders from far and wide, Kochin was once one of the most active trading centres in the region. The citys architecture is a constant reminder of those who ventured to these lands decades ago with plans of laying claim to their ownership. Visitors will find that Kochi and its inhabitants lives are very closely rooted to the ground, enabling you to understand how lifes clock ticks along in this part of amazing India.

Known as one of the oldest churches in the country, the St. Francis Church was one of the first European religious sites to have been constructed in the country. Upon construction, the church was dedicated to the patron saint of Portugal, Saint Antonio. Today, the church attracts hundreds of both local and foreign visitors who believe in the divine powers said to be vested within the age-old building or those who simply want to savour the beauty of its architecture.

The church was said to have been built solely of wood at first which later changed when Don Francisco Almeida decided that it was time to give the church a new lease of life in 1506 by reconstructing it with cement-based walls. This incarnation of the church was finally completed in 1516. After the Dutch invasion, the Dutch decided to take over the church and make it their own, with a few modifications. After these modifications were done, the church became well and truly Dutch in both identity and occupancy.

Then came the British, who took over Kochin from the Dutch relatively easily. Although the British invaders did not try to snatch the church away from the Dutch, the defeated colonists decided to surrender the church to the Anglican Communion in 1804, which then changed the patron saint of the Church to St. Francis.

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