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False Teaching – Edge Church – Church Adelaide

False Teaching – Edge Church – Church Adelaide

I want to briefly look into some of the modern day Church clichés that these false converts often quote to support a Christian doctrine that allows them to live no differently to the rest of the world.

The most common cliché I often here when a true believer states one cannot live in continuous sin without repentance and be saved is the cliché “don’t judge me” or “you don’t know my heart” The problem with these two statements is that they have no biblical backing whatsoever. You may claim where Jesus stated those without sin cast the first stone or take the log out of your own eye, these two passages do not support the dangerous doctrine of don’t bring correction about sin. Lets firstly look at the first one the passage that talks about the woman caught in adultery and Jesus said “whomever is without sin cast the first stone” We need to first look at what Jesus is first talking about judging, there are many different words in the Greek and this particular word is talking about passing sentence such as a stoning or capital punishment. This also fits the context as they were attempting to stone her or deliver capital punishment; it is not talking about correcting a professing Christian about their sin at all. I would agree that we are not to go around stoning people for sin and only those who are without sin can stone or hand out a capital punishment. The scripture is about taking the log out of your own eye to see clearly before helping your brother. This passage is very clear if one reads the whole chapter, it is talking about hypocritical judgement. So for instance if I had a problem with pornography I should not go around telling professing Christians not to be looking at pornography and bring correction to them over the subject before I have dealt with my own problem. To put a blanket cover and say deal with all sin before bringing biblical correction to other believers is a gross misinterpretation of the passage for if that was the case than Jesus didn’t know what He was talking about when He said “then go and help your brother” why even add that in if there would never be a time I could?

Another popular cliché often quoted by the apostate Christians is Romans 8:1, which says there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus. What most false teachers and heretics leave out is the rest of the verse and the chapter. The rest of the verse says “for those who according to the spirit and not the flesh” and further on it talks about those that live carnal lives do have condemnation and they cannot possibly be subject to the law of God. T also makes clear that those who walk according the spirit are subject to the law of God and His Word. So there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, however only those who walk according to the spirit and not the flesh.

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