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Hiring a Christian Contractor

Hiring a Christian Contractor Let’s just say that you belong to a church, and there are a few contractors that everyone uses at the church. These contractors are nice people and you know them to be generous and giving Christians. You’re thinking about doing some work to your home and are entertaining the thought of actually hiring one of them. I would like to point something out here, that most Christians, might not realize. However, there are plenty of Christians that know this to be true. Not all Christians are honest. I know, that probably shocks a lot of people, but it’s actually true. When hiring a Christian contractor, don’t let the fact that they belong to your church and everyone loves them, become a determining factor on whether or not … Read entire article »

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Christians’ Road to Success

Christians’ Road to Success There is hardly anything new under the sun. This is very much known and recognized by Christians. Success principles are real and God supports or aids those that apply them according to His will in order to succeed. We have time and again discussed the importance of goal setting and drawing up plans to achieve them. Christians need blueprints for success. You are the architect of your life. Without goals and plans there can be no real success. God also has goals and He does have specific plans to achieve them. Not only does God have goals and plans He committed them into writing in the Bible. We Christians must do the same if we want to succeed. There is no other way to a more enduring … Read entire article »

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Opportunities For Christians

Opportunities For Christians In a life of a countless number of opportunities, there is no room for failure for the Christian. God has made provisions for our success in life. As I move out on my daily chores, I notice very many opportunities for human success. Depending on how you see life, opportunities are all around you. Only learn to identify and recognize them and get into the opportunities God has for your success. Let me be specific, and you may wish to have it as a prophecy: – As a teacher, you have opportunities in your pupils/students. – As a doctor, you have opportunities in your patients. – As a pastor, you have opportunities in your members. – As a marketer, you have opportunities in your clients. We must admit that there is no … Read entire article »

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Christian Principles ? Christians and Unclean Language

Christian Principles ? Christians and Unclean Language A Christian friend, new to the faith and troubled by a foul tongue, asked me to prove that the bible condemned cursing. For the unlearned, this could be a difficult task. The bible does not specifically define what is unclean language. The everyday language of ancient people did not include the common gutter words of modern times. Thus the bible does not speak them by name. In this study of Christian principles, I will briefly address the Christian understanding of unclean language.   Before you continue reading, take a moment to prove to yourself through biblical evidence that cursing is a sin.      The Only Absolute Curse Words   Focusing on the actual collection of unclean words that are in use today, only one is specifically addressed in … Read entire article »

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Did the Apostle Peter actually go to Rome?

 By: University Prof.Emeritus Mr. Stergios Sakkos. Part 1. The Vatican’s recent communicatory rapprochements, both towards our Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate – which the pope had visited on the occasion of the Patriarchal Throne’s celebration of Saint Andrew’s Day (30th November 2006) – as well as towards the Church in Greece – whose archbishop had visited the pope (between the 13th to 16th December 2006) – have both brought to the forefront once again the fundamental papist claim which had led to their original secession from the Orthodox Church : the papist dogma regarding the primacy of the pope. This is supported by papists, on the basis of the decision of the 1st Vatican Council (1870), according to which, the pope is acknowledged as the vicar of Christ and His sole representative on earth; … Read entire article »

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Christian Network Marketing For a Christian Home Business

Christian Network Marketing For a Christian Home Business In the past several years, Christian network marketing has become an extremely popular mode of commerce, with people avidly searching for opportunities to participate. With almost certainty there are businesses in network marketing that appeal to him or hers moral convictions and beliefs. Weather you are a stay at home mom or a retired couple searching for a new way to make money for your church, marketing could be a source for your purpose. First you must research the internet high and low to find a great Christian marketing company to pursue. With in a few minutes of just typing in Christian network marketing article on my favorite search engine it returned thousands of companies that are geared toward a Christian network … Read entire article »

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Christian Funeral

Christian Funeral Planning a Christian funeral is never an easy thing to do. Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult. People grieve in different ways. Oftentimes family tension adds to the stress during an already emotionally burdensome period. First, before making any plans, ask family members if your loved one left specific directions for their funeral. If so, this will greatly ease the load of making decisions and guessing what your loved one would have wanted. Be sure to find out if your loved one has a funeral or burial insurance policy or prepaid arrangements with a funeral home or cemetery. Many people take out burial insurance along with their life insurance. This is to ensure that a good portion of the funeral costs are covered. Start by arming yourself … Read entire article »

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CHRISTIAN HOSPITALITY The word ‘Hospitality’ simply means the practice of being hospitable. But when we add the prefix ‘Christian’, it transforms into something for which the people in this cruel world today thirsts for. Hospitality is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Christian faith. Hospitality is the fundamental expression of Christians, in response to God’s hospitality and kindness to mankind in providing his only begotten son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice on Calvary, which compels every believer in the’ body of Christ’ to follow in His footsteps. In Hebrews we find emphasis laid on hospitality to strangers (Hebrews 13:1-2).The verses urge the reader not to refuse hospitality to strangers for some have entertained angels unawares. In the world today, Christian Hospitalityhas taken up roles in different dimensions. Christ urges the believer … Read entire article »

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Lastest Christian News

Martin Scorsese film recalls martyrdom of Japan's hidden Christians Discussion of Japan's Christian heritage has largely been absent from public life since the mid-1960s, when Shusaku Endo explored the martyrdom of early converts in his critically acclaimed novel Silence. Now, Martin Scorsese hopes to ensure their … Read more on The Guardian Non-Christians at Christmas: 'I love it as much as I love Diwali' Christmas – the pre-eminent festival in the Christian calendar – is thrust in people's faces of for a good two months of every year. But what about those of other faiths and of no faith? In the UK, 8% of the population follow religions other than … Read more on The Guardian Inside the Christian app boom The American public is becoming less religious and less likely to attend church than in decades … Read entire article »

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Christian Cross Necklace

Christian Cross Necklace If you are looking for a visible way to demonstrate your faith, you can’t go wrong with the Christian cross necklace. Heavenly cross jewelry is tied to the profound words in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” Jewelry in the form of Christian crosses has survived the test of antiquity, dating back for centuries. People wore them in medieval times and of recent, popularity has exploded. Modern craftsmanship and designs have evolved to support fashion trends. Religious jewelry, the cross in particular, serves a dual purpose. Christian women, who are searching for their signature piece, frequently select a fine piece of jewelry to wear daily. It is easy … Read entire article »

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