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Did the Apostle Peter actually go to Rome?

 By: University Prof.Emeritus Mr. Stergios Sakkos. Part 1. The Vatican’s recent communicatory rapprochements, both towards our Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate – which the pope had visited on the occasion of the Patriarchal Throne’s celebration of Saint Andrew’s Day (30th November 2006) – as well as towards the Church in Greece – whose archbishop had visited the pope (between the 13th to 16th December 2006) – have both brought to the forefront once again the fundamental papist claim which had led to their original secession from the Orthodox Church : the papist dogma regarding the primacy of the pope. This is supported by papists, on the basis of the decision of the 1st Vatican Council (1870), according to which, the pope is acknowledged as the vicar of Christ and His sole representative on earth; … Read entire article »

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Church Fundraisers Advice

Church Fundraisers Advice This can be tricky to put on a successful fundraiser of the church. You know that they often take a long time and a lot of work, and sometimes you do not get the kind of monetary compensation to which you had hoped. Instead, why not try selling Christian t-shirts, as a church fundraiser? For you youth group leaders, Christian T-shirts can be one of your best ideas of the youth group to raise funds again. Everyone, regardless of their gender or age, usually wears T-shirts, so selling them is a great idea, fundraising church because it’s a good thing that all the desires and needs. If you have any further event, such as a retreat, or vacation Bible school, or sporting event, you often need … Read entire article »

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Church is Like a Sandwich

Church is Like a Sandwich Suppose it is lunchtime and you are starving: you enter your favorite sandwich shop and place your order for that super deluxe dagwood special. As your sandwich arrives, you immediately realize something is wrong: the first clue – you are looking down at a pile of lettuce, no apparent bread. Upon closer examination you notice the whole sandwich is structured wrong, something like this: relish on the bottom, butter, a slice of bread, cheese, another slice of bread, the meat, more butter then the lettuce. Your attempts at returning the sandwich meets with a dumbfounded look, the server cannot understand. All the ingredients of the sandwich are there, why would you want to return it? Well the answer is obvious, the structure is not right, … Read entire article »

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Famous Churches in India

Famous Churches in India India is secular country and all people are free to follow and practice their own religion. Christianity is the third largest religion in India after Hinduism and Islam. It is believed that Christianity arrived India in the 1st Century BC. There are a number of beautiful ancient churches built in various parts of India. There are some of the churches which are very ancient but still they have been maintained nicely, attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world. Famous Churches of India Basilica of Bom Jesus It is counted amongst the most famous churches of India and is located in the beautiful state of Goa in South India. Constructed in 1695, this church is located in Panjim, the capital city of Goa. One of … Read entire article »

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Catholic Church Saints

Catholic Church Saints The Confraternity of Catholic Saints (CCS) is an organization of young people, created in 2003 mainly to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to promote holiness to Catholics and that it is very possible to the world, especially to the youth. It uses the lives and the works of the Catholic Saints to fulfill their mission and to inspire many to be holy. It pledges loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings, to the Pope, and to the Diocesan Bishop.   When the Catholic Church proclaims some one to be a saint, after completion of Canonization process, she states two simple truths. They state that the person who have been canonized is enjoying eternity with God, having special powers to intercede before him and she or … Read entire article »

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Rock & Roll In Church

Rock & Roll In Church Why do some churches have old time hymns and others have several guitars, drums and other types of instruments that weren’t in churches twenty plus years ago? Are we getting away from what a Christian church should be, and forming something else that maybe isn’t acceptable to God today? I know some conservative churches that never allow anything but a piano and a church organ for their music. They sing the old time hymns (from when I was a child in church), of which many are still beautiful and really nostalgic. Other churches allow most any musical instrument. Christian songs by new Christian artists of today are played and sung as well. I’ve got to admit that some of the music that is popular is … Read entire article »

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Vinyl Church Banners for Church Announcements

Vinyl Church Banners for Church Announcements Church banners are something that always carries some importance messages for believers. Worship banners are used for advertising church related activities and it comes as a huge help for both church ministries and the worshipers. As the vinyl banners hold a lot of importance in announcing church events effectively, they can be a better option for church advertising. Low Cost Church Announcements with Banners Banners are the most sought after method for small scale advertising. As they are low-cost and easy to use, most people prefer to use it for advertising or announcing an event or activity. Church announcements require only small scale advertising and target only a small local area. This is why vinyl church banners become an appropriate means. Back in the day, church … Read entire article »

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Utilising Your Church

Utilising Your Church When providing furniture for your church you will need to have something which is the ideal solution tailored to your needs. Whether you need furniture from dedicated church suppliers, a wide range of variety, a large volume, or accessories and additional add-ons, you need the perfect solution for you. Church chairs can come in a variety of styles so you need to assess what qualities are important for your church. Some chairs will come with or without arm chair supports and you may wish for extra comfort with chairs that have a curved seat which also offers a certain style. One thing you may wish to evaluate is if you want the church chairs you buy to have the ability to stack or not. This can … Read entire article »

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Church Keys

Church Keys If you asked a child to draw a key then chances are that it would be a key with a detailed handle and a long neck coming out of it with a blade on the end pointing right down. At the same time if you asked them to draw a locksmith then he chances are that it would be of a man with a large hoop containing hundreds of these kinds of keys. This key, the one that we still think of as the archetypal key and that we associate wit locksmiths, is the ‘church key’ and there is a reason that it is the one that is most embedded in popular culture. We’ve all seen church keys a they are the old ornate keys that are … Read entire article »

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Bournemouth’s Churches

Bournemouth’s Churches A church isn’t merely a building of stone or a place where people meet. Many believe a church is not a physical structure or venue. Rather, they believe that, in a sense, a church is what people do and who they are. It is people who are the church. This statement applies perfectly to the town of Bournemouth, which tourists and travellers have long praised for its beautiful and kind-hearted people as well as a long and noble history. Hence, the fascination with the churches of Bournemouth is not only because of their beautiful architectural structure and decor, but because of the people who go there and those that are buried there. Today, Bournemouth is renowned for the magnificence of St. Peter’s Church, an impressive Victorian building that was … Read entire article »

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