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Did the Apostle Peter actually go to Rome?

 By: University Prof.Emeritus Mr. Stergios Sakkos. Part 1. The Vatican’s recent communicatory rapprochements, both towards our Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate – which the pope had visited on the occasion of the Patriarchal Throne’s celebration of Saint Andrew’s Day (30th November 2006) – as well as towards the Church in Greece – whose archbishop had visited the pope (between the 13th to 16th December 2006) – have both brought to the forefront once again the fundamental papist claim which had led to their original secession from the Orthodox Church : the papist dogma regarding the primacy of the pope. This is supported by papists, on the basis of the decision of the 1st Vatican Council (1870), according to which, the pope is acknowledged as the vicar of Christ and His sole representative on earth; … Read entire article »

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Great Easter Decoration Ideas

Great Easter Decoration Ideas Easter is on its way and its early this year so be sure you take the proper steps to decorate in style! Whether you are having guests over for a special dinner or event or just want to create a seasonal look around your home for the holidays, you will be able to use these great Easter ideas. You can also tailor or tweak them in any way you see fit to meet your needs. Decorating Outside For many people decorating, the outside of your home can be just as fun as your indoor holiday décor. There are many great ways to decorate for Easter outside. Some commercial products, such as large, blow up Easter bunnies or eggs, can be purchased to decorate outside or you may … Read entire article »

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Fun With Foamies Easter Scrapbook Layout

Fun With Foamies Easter Scrapbook Layout Kids love making craft projects out of foamies. You can find them for almost any holiday or occasion. Watch for them on sale after holidays, one container can last you for several years! Joann’s and Walmart usually have good selections of them. We had fun making crafts with our Easter foamies last year, and there were still enough left over to play with this year. I got out some Easter pictures from last year I hadn’t scrapbooked yet, and came up with a couple of cute layouts using the Easter foamies. For these scrapbook layouts, you will need a container of foamies that includes alphabet letters. The Easter set I found had a bunch of pastel letters to spell out the word “Easter”, so that … Read entire article »

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How Easter Redefines The Impossible

How Easter Redefines The Impossible SERMON PULPIT EXCHANGE JANUARY 18 2009 The disciples were right to be stunned by Jesus’ words. He had just told them, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:24-25). You can hear the shock in their voice when they ask, “Who then can be saved?” How much more surprised they must have been when he replied, “With man this is impossible.” Various attempts to soften Jesus’ words have been made, but the disciples’ reaction shows that they understood the full force of what he meant. In an attempt to feel better about themselves some have tried … Read entire article »

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Insanely Cute Easter Bunny

Insanely Cute Easter Bunny If spring is in full bloom at your house, it’s time to find the “perfect” centerpiece for that kitchen table. Easter is a time where family comes together not only for Easter egg hunts, but for the traditional Sunday Easter Dinner. During any holiday, it’s the little details that truly get noticed the most. Spending your time making a one-of-a-kind centerpiece will help everyone enjoy the spirit of Easter a bit more. The Paper Blossom Easter Bunny is downright charming. It symbolizes everything an Easter bunny should look like. Don’t worry about scheduling a big chunk of time out of your day, this little bunny is very simple to construct. After viewing instructions for this little critter, break out that trusty glue gun and get … Read entire article »

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What Is Easter?

What Is Easter? Easter is one of the most important and holiest of all the festivals on the Christian calendar. It is a celebration of death and of rebirth as Christians celebrate the crucifixion and subsequent rising from the dead of Jesus Christ. These days, Easter is celebrated with a church service on Good Friday, and the giving of small Easter Gifts on the Sunday. As with many other Christian celebrations, a lot of our Easter symbols and traditions of today have their roots in paganism. When the Emperor Constantine of Rome converted to Christianity and decreed it to be the sole religion of the empire, the Christian religious leaders integrated many of the pagan rituals that were common at the time with those of Christianity. Join me as I take … Read entire article »

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Easter Bank Holiday Heat

Easter Bank Holiday Heat The Easter weekend that we have just experienced was the hottest on record, and for that reason it comes as no surprise that we saw thousands of people flooding to resorts like West Wittering, Southbanks, Bournemouth and Brighton in the south, and Blackpool and Weston Super Mare in the north. Brighton experienced a surge of over four hundred thousand people in that weekend alone, and shops and cafes struggled with the large amounts of tourists that descended, running out of drinks and food due to the large amount of people flooding through their doors. The traffic also increased, as it’s notoriously difficult to get in and out of Brighton, and tailbacks were seen as far as twenty miles away from the city, but people preserved … Read entire article »

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Why Is Easter Sunday 2016 So Early This Year?

Why Is Easter Sunday 2016 So Early This Year? However, the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates Easter normally on a different date. They will observe it this year on May 1, which is according to the old Julian calendar. However in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2014, churches in both West and … Read more on Christian Post A Strange Season for Inter-Christian Families Or maybe I just mean my own family's version of the dilemma, in which my husband is a believing Roman Catholic and I am an Eastern Orthodox convert. On the day I am writing, my husband's Easter was yesterday, and my own Paschal celebration, and that … Read more on Patheos (blog) The Easter Rising's road to hell — paved with good intentions While reading this book in a London café, I was politely … Read entire article »

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The Easter Egg

The Easter Egg Eggs and Easter have almost become synonymous. But what is so special in an egg? It is the influence of the traditional spring rites that made Easter so egg-special. And myths coming down to us from an incredibly distant past have shown man’s relationship with the egg to be very deep seated one. This is caught in old Latin proverb: Omne vivum ex ovo. This means “all life comes from an egg”. Not just the Latin saying, eggs are just laid well over all corners of the world. From ancient India to Polynesia, from Iran, Greece, and Phonecia to Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, from Central America to the west coast of South America, there are reports of myths of the whole universe created out of … Read entire article »

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IN PHOTOS: Walking in Jesus' footsteps on Easter

IN PHOTOS: Walking in Jesus' footsteps on Easter Greek-Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox churches mark Easter Sunday on May 1. Christian worshippers pray on Good Friday, before a procession in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City March 25, 2016. Reuters A Christian worshipper … Read more on Haaretz Future holidays Easter Orthodox Easter is Sunday, May 1, which is also May Day, and Labor Day in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is on a Thursday, observing the Battle of Puebla, sharing the day with the National Day of Prayer and Holocaust Remembrance Day. Mothers Day is … Read more on Chino Champion Politicians reveal their Easter food memories A tradition of a Russian Orthodox Easter, paskha is a sweet, creamy, cheesy mountain bursting with candied fruit and nuts. It takes two days to make and is usually … Read entire article »

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