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Hiring a Christian Contractor

Hiring a Christian Contractor Let’s just say that you belong to a church, and there are a few contractors that everyone uses at the church. These contractors are nice people and you know them to be generous and giving Christians. You’re thinking about doing some work to your home and are entertaining the thought of actually hiring one of them. I would like to point something out here, that most Christians, might not realize. However, there are plenty of Christians that know this to be true. Not all Christians are honest. I know, that probably shocks a lot of people, but it’s actually true. When hiring a Christian contractor, don’t let the fact that they belong to your church and everyone loves them, become a determining factor on whether or not … Read entire article »

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Christian Principles ? Christians and Unclean Language

Christian Principles ? Christians and Unclean Language A Christian friend, new to the faith and troubled by a foul tongue, asked me to prove that the bible condemned cursing. For the unlearned, this could be a difficult task. The bible does not specifically define what is unclean language. The everyday language of ancient people did not include the common gutter words of modern times. Thus the bible does not speak them by name. In this study of Christian principles, I will briefly address the Christian understanding of unclean language.   Before you continue reading, take a moment to prove to yourself through biblical evidence that cursing is a sin.      The Only Absolute Curse Words   Focusing on the actual collection of unclean words that are in use today, only one is specifically addressed in … Read entire article »

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Baptism-Entering the Christian Life on our Conversion Journey

Baptism-Entering the Christian Life on our Conversion Journey Beginning with the Apostles’ Evangelization (hearing the “Good News” about Jesus), Conversion (coming to a belief in this person, Jesus, as the Savior) led persons to ask to be Baptized which they had heard was the way one became a Christian.  These adults were baptized, received first Eucharist and became full members of the Church.  As the first centuries passed, Christian adults began to ask that their children also be baptized soon after birth and before they had reached the “age of reason” when they were capable of making their own decision afterevangelization and conversion. This is the custom today in most Christian churches.  It has led to minimizing the power of Baptism and the impact it should have in our lives. … Read entire article »

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Christian Gifts Special

Christian Gifts Special When you plan to go out for Christian shopping then you will be faced with plenty of choices including clothing, music, fashion accessories, DVDs, books etc. In last few years, people have viewed this form of shopping with a sort of disdain, not only because it consists of a religious message but also because it lasts forever. The recent advancement in technology has been successful in introduction of some really great stuff. Christian clothing is among the most shopped Christian item. It not only helps you to come closer to the almighty but it also allows you to put your best foot forwards. The Christian clothing for today is somewhat different from that of past, as nowadays plenty of designs and patterns are available for you. Todays … Read entire article »

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Music in Christian Worship

Music in Christian Worship Copyright (c) 2010 Robert Hinchliffe The history of music in Christian worship is a substantial one which can trace its origins all the way back to pre-Christian times in the Old Testament. In those very early days we read of the Jewish people singing, playing instrumental music and even dancing. Such activity was widely used as a means of expressing faith. Music played an important role in many acts of celebration and worship. It was into that society that Jesus was born. Over the two thousand years since Christ’s life the use of music in Christian worship has gone through many phases and many musical idioms. It is really over the second of those two thousand years that church music, as we know it today, has developed. One … Read entire article »

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Christian Audio books

Christian Audio books Christian mp3 audiobooks present religious education and enlightenment in a practical, digital format. The stress and time constraints of modern lifestyles frequently get in the way of spiritual studies. For those who do not wish to give up their spiritual pursuits, Christian audiobooks make a effortless and portable alternative to heavy tomes. What is really a Christian Audio tracks Guide? An audio tracks guide is an audio tracks file of a narrator reading a specific ebook. These files could be located on compact disks, cassette tapes, and in downloadable format from the internet. They can be played at residence on a stereo system, in your car, or on the go with an audio player. Christian audiobooks are those that pertain to the practice of the … Read entire article »

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Barrington Christian Academy

Barrington Christian Academy Mission Barrington Christian Academy, an accredited, non-denominational, K-12 regional Christian day school, nurtures students in a loving and caring environment committed to high standards; encourages students in the development of their God-given gifts and abilitiespiritually, academically, socially, and physically; prepares students to successfully pursue challenging higher education programs; equips them to live fulfilling lives of service to God and their neighbor; supports parents in their God-given responsibility to educate their children. Accreditation Barrington Christian Academy is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges. During 2007, BCA also gained permission to receive I20’s from foreign students. Athletics The elementary students are offered the intramural sports of soccer, basketball, and track during the designated season. The middle school students are offered soccer, basketball and track. Every student … Read entire article »

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Christian Paintings

Christian Paintings If you are interested to know about an era which held it’s grandeur in the time of Jesus Christ, the most viable option would be artwork, as it posits the cultural time, space and unity. Christian paintings are such artwork that can be seen or read as a masterpiece of bridging art form with that of the deity, the god Jesus and bringing it to life among Christians who are really devoted. Not only that, but if you are fond of paintings then these thematic paintings also serve a purpose, that of knowledge, that of the almighty Jesus and the prevalent era and culture that had much to do with the upbringing of an art form in itself. Constituting such work of art, these paintings reveal various stories … Read entire article »

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Christian Dior Sunglasses

Christian Dior Sunglasses Christian Dior is an internationally acclaimed fashion brand that encompasses all kinds of fashion items ranging from perfumes, bags, watches to lingerie, apparels and eyewear. The fashion house has achieved remarkable success in the fashion industry right from its formation years. The reason behind the ever increasing popularity of Dior products including Dior sunglasses is the high end design, functionality and superior style quotient of these products. A Christian Dior fan in particular finds it the most difficult to buy products from any other label because such is the magic of the Christian Dior quality and style. Christian Dior sun glasses are a real treat for the eye and a must have for those who are utterly fashion conscious and pay attention to the minutest detail. … Read entire article »

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Christian Authority

Christian Authority 1) There is only one source for true authority.True authority is linked to the omnipotence of God. Only an all-powerful God can truly dictate and be Sovereign over His creation. He has the power to command and the power to enforce, to reward and to punish. Jesus said not to fear him who can kill the body (and Satan does have some power and authority), but fear him who can kill the body and throw the real you into hell. Now that’s authority! Satan cannot do that. He himself will experience the lake of fire for his pride and insolence. So trueauthority flows from God and God alone. All authority that flows from God must be obeyed and submitted to. That includes the family, the government, man’s laws, … Read entire article »

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